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Smart Window Film
Designed to retrofit the existing clear glass, acrylic or plexiglass to smart glass for instant privacy with a tap on our touchscreen remote control. It is applicable to any smooth glass surface, which is perfectly for glass partition, UV block, reduction of solar heat gain, energy efficiency, projection, whiteboard, enhanced security and aesthetically design with minimalism.
Privacy Switchable Glass
Designed for the buildings under construction or to be built. It is the best choice for those who chase the perfect design result. Besides, it provides excellent fire-retardant and sound insulation performance, the ideal choice for hospitality, education, clinic, commercial sectors etc.
Digital Glass Billboard
The innovative solution for transforming your glass wall into a glass displays or digital signage, even a touchable interactive screen with our technology.
Automotive Smart Tinting
The smart tint film designed particularly for automotive, which is only 0.11mm thick compared with our standard PDLC smart window film. It keeps the driver cool for a more comfortable ride on the road. According to our test on Audi, the interior temperature can reduce more than 50°F.
Photochromic Solar Film
Engineered to darken your window and further reducing heat and sun glare penetrating through the window when exposing to the sunlight, keeping your visibility to the outside landscape. It blocks out 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays in both clear and tinted states.
The cutting-edge smart tinting technology
engineered to enhance the comfort, productivity and aesthetics

The global smart glass market is witnessing a rapid increase in the usage of smart glass (film) as the future technology in the architecture and construction sector, as buildings with energy saving properties are in high demand, and smart glass offers a better solution for privacy, controlling solar heat gain, glare, and sunlight, in comparison to the installation of permanently tinted glass or blinds. In addition, the rapid demand for smart window in the automobile sector has also resulted in significant production of smart switchable glass (film). Special features such as the ability to block UV light and fast switching capability mean that smart glass (film) is preferred over normal smart window (film), besides, smart window reduce heat formation within vehicles and ensures passenger safety and privacy.


Smart Glass, technologically, can be divided into 2 groups:  Active Smart Glass Technology and Passive Smart Glass Technology. 


Active smart glass technology is activated and controllable by the user, which can change in response to external electric stimulus, such as, PDLC, Electrochromic or SPD. PDLC smart glass are made by sandwiching a thin layer of liquid crystal film between two layers of tempered glass. 


Passive smart glass technology changes its appearance in light of the presence of heat and light, such as, photochromic window film. Photochromic window film changes its light transmission properties according to the amount of UV light, it provides a broader range of dimmability and have great potential applications in the architecture sector. It had the largest share of the global market for passive smart glass window.


Smart Glass are also known as Switchable Glass Window/Privacy Switchable Glass/Smart Tinted Glass/Liquid Crystal Glass/Magic Glass/Intelligent Glass in the industry, which changes the glass window appearance from transparent to opaque ( colour tinted) state, even alternative tinted colour or personalised pattern/logo for branding. Based on the latest PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) technology, GLASSTINTE Ultra Clear Smart Glass is empowered to provide the unparalleled viewing experience in addition to offer privacy control, glass partition, sunlight control, energy efficiency and pleasing ambience while improving the interior comfort, security and design at your home or office, it also could serve as a whiteboard and an excellent advertising displays.