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Automotive Smart Tint
Take control of your climate with GLASSTINTE™ Automotive Smart Tint
ㅤFrom styling to greater driving experience…
In sunny days, the interior temperature of your car increases quickly and becomes hot, even blazing, especially in Summer. GLASSTINTE™ Automotive Smart Tint can cut down up to 50% of the solar energy penetrating your windows. It blocks up to more than 99% of harmful UV rays, allowing you to ride cooler, safer and more comfort.
Improved Privacy
Offer instant privacy for driver and passengers, and add security for valuables inside.
Glare Reduction
Our automotive smart window film reduces dazzling and uncomfortable glare, which can affect visibility and lead to eyestrain and drowsiness.
Increase Safety
Our automotive smart window film can hold shattered glass together and keep you safer in the event of an accident.
UV Protection
Our auto smart tint block 99% of sun's harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and reducing fading of interiors.
Temperature Control
Our film will keep you cooler and improve your driving comfort with maximum heat rejection, lowering down the workload of your air conditioning system.
Enhance Style
Our auto smart window film can increase the look of your car, without affecting the visibility to outside view.
Smart tint for your style, comfort and privacy - ride cooler, safer and more comfortable
Technical Data Sheet
 Automotive Smart Window Film
Colour Grey
Thickness   0.112mm
Factory standard size 1.2m x 50m
State Clear ( Power On) , Opaque ( Power Off)
Visible Light Transmittance >80% (ON)    >55% (OFF)
Parallel Light Transmittance   >78% (ON)    <3%   (OFF)
UV Cut  >96% (ON)     100% (OFF)
Haze Co-efficiency <3% (ON)        >90% (OFF)
View Angle >160º at clear state
IR Cut    >92.6% (ON)     >97.8% (OFF)
Response Time

<200 Milliseconds (OFF → ON)

<20 Milliseconds (ON → OFF)

Frequency Range
50 ~60 Hz
Power Consumption
4W /m2
36V-65V AC
Switch Times
> 2 Million
Over 10 years (Indoor use)
Working Temperature 
-30 ℃ ~65℃
Storage Temperature
-30 ℃ ~70℃, <70% RH
Enjoy Greater Driving Experience
Ride safer, cooler and in greater comfort.
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