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Create comfortable and energy efficient living environments
while enjoying the outside view

GlassTinte Photochromic Window Film is a passive smart window tinting technology that is light-sensitive and can more quickly adapt to the intensity of sunlight constantly from a light to a darker tinted state when exposing to direct sun, which doesn’t require any external power source or input other than direct sunlight. It allow user to experience the optimal thermal and visual comfort without having to operate windows manually or through software.
GlassTinte Photochromic Window Film utilised the advanced dual silver magnetron sputtering process that make our film delivers better performance on durability, definition and reflect light than any other photochromic transitional window film in the industry and combined the advantages of metallized window film and ceramic window film.

 Reduce sun glare and create better thermal and visual comfort 

Block 99% harmful UV rays & 90% IR Ray

Save energy concerning indoor cooling

Eliminate the need for electric curtains or other sun-blocking stuff

Compatible with insulating glass or low energy glass

Easy installation

Photochromic Window Film

GlassTinte Photochromic Window Film is a high performance smart window tint that is more quickly adaptive to the intensity of sunlight from a light tint to levels of darkened tint when exposed to sunlight. Utilising the advanced light-sensitive film technology, it block harmful UV rays, solar heat, sun glare while maintaining your visibility to outside landscape.

Technical Data Sheet
Photochromic Solar Film

Lightest Darkest
Visible Light
Visible light transmission %Visible Light 75 30
 Visible light reflection (Exterior) %  11  11
 Visible light reflection (Interior) %  8  8
 Glare Reduction %  10  41
 Total solar energy
 Solar energy transmission %  49  45
 Solar energy reflection %  11  19
 Solar energy absorption %  40  36
Total solar energy rejection % 61 65
Other information
Shading coefficient 0.54 0.50
G- value (Solar heat gain coefficient) 0.47 0.43
Infrared rejection % 86 90
UV rejection %
3 mil
Roll size
1.52m x 30m
3 years
> 8 years

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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