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Technologically groundbreaking window shading technology that transform your existing glass into SMART GLASS
GlassTinte Smart Window Film is designed to retrofit the traditional glass into smart switchable glass through PDLC/PNLC(Reversed PDLC) technology, which create innovative, comfortable, secure and energy efficient solutions that benefit people and environment in the architecture. It is a type of electrically tintable window film that can change the visual appearance of buildings by switch the window from transparent to opaque state for truly dynamic and multifunctional glass applications. It is considered as the next generation of window shading technology that reduce glares, block harmful UV rays while improving the security, comfort and design with minimalism. Sometimes, it used interchangeably with the terms Switchable Glass, PDLC Film, PNLC Switchable Film, PNLC Smart Film, PNLC Magic Film, PNLC Magic Glass, Magic Film, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Film, Smart Foil, SwitchFoil, Switchable Privacy Film, Intelligent Film, Light Control Film, Electrically Tintable Film, Electrically Switchable Film, Electrically Transparent Film, Electrically Glass Film, Electrochromic Film, Digital Shade, Smart Blind, PDLC Smart Glass Film etc.
Smart window film also could be laminated into glass during the fabrication process, making it an ideal application for diversiform projects that is new or existing. To differentiate them from each other, we call them in this way:
• Applicable for glass surface : is called self-adhesive smart window film, which comes with a layer of silica gel adhesive on the back for sticking tightly onto the glass surface.
• Applicable for glass lamination: is called smart film interlayer, which comes without the adhesive layer on the back.
On top of that, we also diversified our smart window film into different colours, for example, grey, black, blue, yellow, polychromatic and pink besides milky white. And we can also provide smart window film with custom pattern.
Self-adhesive Ultra Clear Smart Film
Self-adhesive Smart Window Film
Smart Film Interlayer
Smart Window Film Product Options

Available width option: 1m/1.2m/1.5m/1.8m/2m (2m is only available for smart film interlayer)

• Factory standard length: 50 meter in 1 roll

• Version option: ultra clear film / standard clear film 

• Control option: Remote Control/Wall Mount switch / Wi-Fi / Voice Command/ Amazon Alexa/ Google Assistant /Home Automation Network

• Alternative colours: grey, black, blue, yellow, polychromatic and pink

Looking for Inspiration?
PNLC Switchable Smart Film
PDLC Switchable Smart Glass/Film
PDLC Magic Glass/Film

• Provide privacy protection in less than 1 second

Strategic glass office partition ( design innovation)

Control sunlight and reduce the solar heat radiation

Block 99% harmful UV and 85% IR Rays

Decrease the cost of lighting, heating and cooling inside the buildings

Improve the security & safety

Increase the interior’s comfort and design

Furnish hygienic environments with minimal maintenance, also the perfect alternative to traditional curtains/blinds/shades

Technical Data Sheet
Colour Milky White
Factory standard size  1m/1.2m/1.5m/1.8m/2m x 50m 
Mode Transparent ( Power-on) / Opaque ( Power Off)
Visible Light Transmittance ≧90% (power on )     ≦77% (power off)
Parallel Light Transmittance ≧85% (power on)     ≦6%   (power off)
Haze coefficient ≦2.7%  (power on)     ≧92%   (power off)
UV Cut ≧99%
IR Cut ≧85%
Frequency 50~60Hz
Response Time >92.6% (ON) ;  >97.8% (OFF)
Response Time

<200ms ( Transparent to Opaque )      <10ms ( Opaque to Transparent )

Power Consumption
Viewing Angle
>160° & 360° for projection viewing angle
Life Time
>10 years
Working Voltage
AC 48V~60V
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
5℃~35℃, <70%RH
Peel Strength
Test Time
>2 million switches
Factory warranty time
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