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About GlassTinte

Since our inception in 2012, our company has set out to develop, manufacture and distribute the superior quality light control smart window film and privacy switchable glass that can reinvent the space where we live or work - create innovative, comfortable, secure and energy efficient solutions which benefit people and environment. We value the interests and business needs from our clienteles at the highest level and provide cost effective collaboration, faster response and maximum level of support for their success in our partnership.


We have never stopped the steps of development and new films to further improve the performance and reliability. At present, our products are being supplied to more than 30 countries through our partners and distributors.


The products we are manufacturing based on PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology includes Smart Window Film(SWF), Smart Film Interlayer(SFI), Ultra Clear Smart Film (UCSF), Smart Glass (SG), Ultra Clear Smart Glass (UCSG) as well as other variants from the colours to patterns that can switches from transparent to opaque mode on demand and for glass partition, solar heat control and advertising while offering improved interior comfort, security and design to where we live or work. GLASSTINTE leverages advanced technology and consumer insights to deliver integrated digital smart window solutions and inspire our clients by the limitless possibilities.


Our accumulated expertise, industry experiences and market insights over 10 years and unceasing investment in research and development enable us to provide products and service of excellence to our business partners and distributors across the world.