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What are the maximum dimensions?
At what voltage does the product operate?
Are there any other available colours?
Can I apply any silicone sealant?
Can I use a 3rd party power transformer?
How many transformers are required?
How much electricity is required to drive our products?
What is the lifetime expectancy?
What control options do you provide?
Can I adjust the level of opacity in your smart window film / smart glass?
Do smart window film/switchable glass panels require special maintenance?
Can your products be used for external applications?
Can your smart window film/smart glass be used as high definition screen?
Can I cut my smart window film once it has been manufactured?
What warranty do you offer?
Can you add a logo/personalised pattern to the product?
Is it possible to have a background picture in the product?
We manufacture 2000mm width PDLC liquid crystal film ( also known as smart film/magic film/switch foil/intelligent film) interlayer rolls of 50 lineal meters; the self-adhesive liquid crystal film is 1800mm width as a maximum. For privacy switchable glass, the regular maximum size is 1800 x 3800mm; with premium price, we can manufacture1900 x 4000mm.